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A Healthy Serving of Condition Management Solutions for Diabetes Patients and Educators

A Healthy Serving of Condition Management Solutions for Diabetes Patients and Educators EHR

How about a large slice of Aunt Nancy’s Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Pie? Topped with baked marshmallows on a sugary graham cracker crust, this pie sounds quite irresistible. Not such a simple choice though for the 30.3 million Americans living with diabetes.

November is American Diabetes Month, which includes National Diabetes Education Week, spanning November 3 – 9. The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) have dedicated this week as a time to recognize the healthcare workers who make it their mission to support people living with this debilitating chronic condition. During a time of year when the temptation of holiday treats and big family meals can make managing diabetes even more difficult, these observances serve as helpful reminders and supports for people suffering from this disease.

The holidays bring challenges for both those diagnosed with diabetes and healthcare educators. Generally, a busier time of year—free time during the holiday months can come at a premium. People are not as accessible, families travel, and support groups may not meet as frequently. All of these factors can mean both educators and patients may have trouble connecting in person, which can add to the challenges of diabetes management.  However, throughout the hustle and bustle of the holidays chronic disease management (CDM) support can’t be put on hold.

By employing mobile condition management tools, diabetes educators can empower their patients with an easily accessible source of support year-round, even during the hectic holidays.

A Mobile Diabetes Management Tool for Patients and Providers

A study published by BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making shows that mobile health apps are a viable tool for helping patients self-manage chronic diseases like diabetes. The study also notes that CDM apps can result in improved outcomes for both clinicians and patients.

As part of MEDHOST’s catalog of patient engagement solutions, we’ve developed a chronic diabetes management app that has benefits on the patient and clinician sides.

The YourCare Management™ app is a diabetes condition management support tool that helps patients stay on task and gives clinicians improved insights into patient progress. With 24/7 online access, both patients and clinicians can more easily work together to manage care whenever and wherever they are.

YourCare Management also helps support continued compliance and can act as a useful aide for healthcare providers wishing to maintain or acquire accreditation from organizations like AADE. Through accreditation community hospitals can then begin to transform cost centers such as dietary departments into areas that generate revenue. MEDHOST also provides helpful guidance for providers seeking this type of accreditation.

YourCare Management for Patients

On the patient side, YourCare Management is a task-oriented tool that empowers them to take control of their diabetes by:

  • Providing relevant health and condition management content
  • Connecting them to coach-facilitated private online support groups
  • Helping track diet and glucose levels

One of the top frustrations for diabetes patients is gaps in the communication of data critical to managing their condition, like target blood glucose levels and weights. As noted by AADE members, putting access to compassionate and informed support—from clinicians and private online groups—in the palm of a patient’s hand can help fill some of those condition management gaps. As a subsequent result, YourCare Management also helps clinicians deliver value-based care through improved patient engagement.

YourCare Management for Clinicians

Designed by clinical specialists with hands-on experience, YourCare Management’s clinical features gives users with a low maintenance support tool for improving diabetes patient outcomes. Setting up the app is simple and allows clinicians to create individualized patient goals.

From the YourCare Management platform, clinical users can:

  • Manage diabetes patient data
  • Track patient progress and goals
  • Create customized content on a patient-by-patient basis
  • Connect patients to reliable peer-support and coach-facilitated groups

Managing diabetes during the holiday season can be challenging for those diagnosed with this chronic condition. The holidays can also make tracking patient progress tough for clinicians. A mobile CDM app like YourCare Management can help both sides of the condition management challenge stay focused and informed.

To find out more about YourCare Management and MEDHOST’s suite of patient engagement tools explore our website or call us at, 1.800.383.6278.

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