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Digital Patient Management™
Modifying Behavior Changes in Diabetic Patients Outside Facility Walls

Using traditional methods to manage the increasing number of patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, is challenging and often ineffective. Historically, successful patient education has been conducted during office visits or hosted educational sessions, both costly and time-consuming. By creating a direct connection between patient and clinician, YourCare Management, part of the Digital Patient Management™ Solution offered by MEDHOST,  improves current methods and extends care beyond the facility for an optimal experience and better healthcare outcomes.

Currently, patients with diabetes primarily manage their condition outside of their provider's office. This approach usually means little to no interaction with an actual physician. Often this is an ineffective approach to condition management as there are many tasks patients must follow on a routine basis, logging and tracking activities in progress. The YourCare Management* platform creates a direct channel, connecting clinicians to their patients. Through this channel, daily engagement extends care beyond the facility, naturally promoting better health outcomes.

Clinicians can now extend their reach and allow patients the flexibility needed to truly take the reins of their own care and make the necessary changes in behavior

Increased smartphone adoption and advances in healthcare technology have created the opportunity for clinicians and patients to connect beyond the care center. Clinicians can now extend their reach and allow patients the flexibility to truly take the reins of their care and make the necessary changes in behavior. Our app provides access to three critical services:

  • Privacy and security for patients
  • Intuitive coach dashboard for clinicians
  • Interactive virtual support group

Further, to help patients keep track of health data in real-time, the app integrates with hundreds of health and wellness devices.

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YourCare Management can improve health outcomes and reduce readmissions by:

  • Creating clear lines of communication between patients and clinicians
  • Taking patient education out of the office and into the home
  • Establishing a virtual community of peers from which the patient can draw support

* The MEDHOST Cloud Services® patient portal and YourCare Everywhere are offerings of MEDHOST Cloud Services, a MEDHOST Company.

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    Creating a direct connection between patients and clinicians, YourCareEverywhere empowers patients to take an active role in their health and equips healthcare providers with a powerful tool for delivering comprehensive care.