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Digital Patient Management™

Promoting Positive Behavior Changes in Diabetic Patients Outside Facility Walls

Nearly one in two American adults have a chronic condition and that number continues to climb (Source: CDC). Using traditional methods to manage these conditions such as diabetes is challenging and often ineffective. Increased smartphone adoption and greater access to the internet have created an opportunity for clinicians and patients to connect beyond the four walls of a care center. This access is particularly beneficial for patients with mobility restrictions and patients in rural areas where distances limit regular clinician contact.

Patients with diabetes must manage their condition in their daily life. Normal daily priorities may result in less frequent or delayed clinical supervision than desired for good patient care. YouCare ManagementTM is a tool to promote compliance with the many tasks patients must follow on a routine basis. It promotes good habits logging and tracking activities in progress for patients that use phone apps for many of their daily activities. The YourCare ManagementTM platform also creates a more clinician-efficient direct channel to patients. Through this channel, daily engagement extends care beyond the facility, naturally promoting better health outcomes.

The YourCare Management App’s real-time communication between patients and their care team. The YourCare Management solution is designed to deliver a customized program to meet each patient’s needs. YourCare Management comes integrated with MEDHOST Support Groups.

Key features of the YourCare Management Solution include:

  • A customizable program immediately available to patients 24/7
  • Personalized patient reminders that trigger when tasks are to be performed, medication reminders, and alerts when gaps are indicated
  • Access to relevant education and condition-related articles
  • Real-time monitoring allows the clinician coach to engage directly with the patient when necessary
  • Trending charts to view progress for both the patient and clinician coaches
  • Alerts for the coach to intervene with patients who are not adhering to the program

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    Creating a direct connection between patients and clinicians, YourCareEverywhere empowers patients to take an active role in their health and equips healthcare providers with a powerful tool for delivering comprehensive care.