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EDIS Explainer Video Blog: Better Information, Better Care [VIDEO]

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From the first seconds of intake to the last moments before discharge, Emergency Departments (EDs) face the challenge of providing the maximum quality of care under some of our industry’s most intense constraints. Backlogs, bottlenecks, imperfect analytics,  ED directors and hospital leaders consistently cite EDs as the hardest departments to oversee so they’re always in search of new ways to improve staff communication, clinical accuracy, and their ability to quantify, analyze, and manage their ED’s performance.

MEDHOST’s Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) was developed to address these concerns by helping to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Compatible with any existing EHR system, EDIS streamlines and refines the emergency care experience for ED directors, hospital leaders, physicians and patients alike, helping providers achieve peak efficiency while offering the most exemplary and beneficial treatment possible. With Patient Tracking, CPOE, Nurse Charting, and Physician Documentation, among other features, MEDHOST EDIS takes advantage of the latest in EDIS technology.

WATCH our short video to learn more about how EDIS can help you!


MEDHOST EDIS is different from other solutions by offering the following:

  • A Cleaner, More Productive Interface, Designed by Physicians and Nurses. Physicians and nurses deeply understand the importance of an intuitive EDIS, a system whose optimized processes encourage rapid adoption and constructive user interaction. By addressing the care team’s needs first and foremost, MEDHOST EDIS helps limit documentation errors and accelerate patient throughput.
  • A Better EDIS for Everyone: ED Directors, Hospital Leaders, Clinicians, and Patients. Clinicians and providers will love MEDHOST EDIS for its touchscreen design, rich data capture, and the ways in which its graphical floor plans facilitate better communication and workflow. Meanwhile, ED directors and hospital leaders can use flexible reports to track patient outcomes and satisfaction scores.                 
  • Unrivaled Analytics and Customer Support. Now more than ever, improving clinical outcomes and capturing extra income depends on having the best analytics at your disposal. MEDHOST EDIS allows ED directors and hospital leaders to follow incoming admissions and bed availability, eliminate ancillary bottlenecks, access historical data, and fine-tune processes via our web-based MEDHOST OpCenter. Pair those features with MEDHOST’s highly experienced and internally staffed 24/7 customer support, and your ED will be perfectly equipped to help handle any emergency.

For a more comprehensive view of how MEDHOST EDIS is transforming emergency care and healthcare services, click here. To find out more about our ED solutions, fill out our contact form so that we can be in touch.

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