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Tuesday January 9, 2024

Healthcare Trends 2024: Three Topics to Keep on Your Radar

We’ve compiled a list of key topics for healthcare providers to focus on in 2024, each chosen to empower your decisions and drive better patient outcomes:

Security Operations Centers (SOC)

We’d say it’s been a busy year for patient data security, but it’s been more like a busy decade.

Remote access to company servers, electronic health records, personal devices in the workplace, and increasing demand for mobile access from healthcare providers have created an unprecedented challenge for traditional Healthcare IT (HIT) teams, who are now struggling to meet these evolving expectations while safeguarding valuable data assets.

One way healthcare companies are handling these digital transformation challenges while also keeping costs low is the Security Operations Center (SOC). In this post, we look at what a SOC is and touch on how companies can leverage these security policies to educate users and protect their sensitive data in the coming year.

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Rural Emergency Hospitals (REH)

For facilities operating on thin margins, converting to a Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) might be the solution.

The advantages of REH conversion include a five percent increase in reimbursement for eligible services compared to the conventional Medicare Outpatient Prospective Payment System for health systems. Additionally, there is a recurring facility fee of approximately $272,866.00 per month (CY23), which will progressively increase each year in line with the hospital market basket increase.

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Reducing Physician Burnout

The rise of the digital patient and the consumerization of healthcare technology has ushered in an unprecedented era of new challenges and opportunities for providers. But sometimes, healthcare professionals feel like they’re losing control as their responsibilities multiply.

For health systems, patient outcomes are priority #1, and fostering an internal culture of self-care that helps to reduce burnout and ensure their staff operates at the best of their abilities can sometimes go by the wayside.

We sat down with Carla Stephenson, MEDHOST’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, to discuss how her team has fostered a culture of employee wellness and how these strategies can be adapted to enhance the fitness and well-being of any workforce.

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A Trusted Partner in Community Healthcare

Hospitals are at the core of their communities, and we are proud to be a part of their ongoing clinical, financial, and operational success. For healthcare facilities to provide quality patient care and maintain a healthy business, they need a partner that can provide the right products, at the right price. MEDHOST has been a trusted partner to these providers for over 40 years because our experts help hospitals maximize the value of their investments every step of the way.

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