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How an Exceptional HIT Experience Supports Exceptional Care [VIDEO]


There is a direct connection between the level of customer support your healthcare facility receives and its ability to deliver a high-quality care experience, while remaining focused on core business goals.

In fact, a Black Book Research survey of 4,446 physicians showed 85% of respondents felt poor support created roadblocks to consistently delivering excellent patient care. An issue that not only effects patients, but physicians as well.

This becomes even more evident when approached from the context of patient care.

Patients trust the expertise of those charged with getting them back to living their lives. They expect a healthcare experience that comes with safety and a low level of interference. Meeting that expectation requires your complete focus.

In this short video, Kim MacTavish, Senior Vice President of Customer Services, discusses how an exceptional MEDHOST customer support experience can positively impact your quality of care.



It helps to have a support partner who understands the value of creating a superb patient experience, especially when IT or other unexpected issues threaten to interrupt care.

With 96% Customer Satisfaction Scores and 82% First-Day Resolve, MEDHOST’s customer support team is committed to helping you stay focused with our:

  • Quick responses in real-time
  • A holistic approach to support
  • Full transparency on performance metrics
  • Consistent and reliable communication

You shouldn’t have to split time between meeting your community’s needs and worrying about your healthcare IT. At MEDHOST we strive to offer a complete support experience with accountability at every level—from individual support personnel to leadership—that’s the MEDHOST difference.

Get the type of healthcare IT support that instills in you, the same level of confidence that keeps the members of your community coming through your doors.

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