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Tuesday August 2, 2022  |  Luke Marinac

How Analytics Power Revenue Cycle Optimization 

Healthcare analytics is a growing field, spurred on by the need to stay ahead in tightening markets, keep pace with regulatory compliance, and harness technological innovations that demand greater and greater precision in health management.

By combining the expertise of business service professionals with robust analytical tools, like cloud-based software and smart contract management insights, hospitals can drive exceptional revenue cycle performance and improved patient outcomes.

Intelligent Business Services

At many rural facilities, workforce shortages and increased patient volumes often mean that process evaluation, account follow-up, and ongoing reporting are either scarce or nonexistent.

Without access to comprehensive business service analytics, it’s nearly impossible to point to current return on investment (ROI) conditions and create actionable strategies. MEDHOST YourCare Analytics™ functions as part of our expanded business services offerings, letting providers know where improvements have happened and where they still need to be made.

Contract Management

Hospitals spend billions on contract management every year, often using outdated processes. But without data-driven payor and contract analysis, negotiations may be leaving money on the table.

For instance, without the proper insights to guide renewals, a contract that has been performing well might become a source of denials, down-coding, or underpayments.

Critical business data that MEDHOST uses to optimize contract management includes:

  • Transparency into the root causes of denial and underpayment
  • Payer- and provider-specific practices
  • Real-time updates on account follow-up
  • Performance comparisons: provider to provider, payor to payor, and contract to contract

Cloud-Based Solutions

Powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform and its QuickSight business intelligence tools, MEDHOST YourCare Analytics gives customers valuable insights into the most critical data for their business growth and continued success.

As a part of the Amazon Partner Network (APN), MEDHOST’s innovation and development teams work closely with AWS experts to create and deploy new capabilities and enhance existing solutions.

Multi-tenant, cloud-based analytics solutions also open the door for future advancements in business analytics, including the implementation of machine learning to improve patient throughput, contract management augmented by artificial intelligence (AI), and more consumer-centric mobile applications.

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