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Linking People and Processes: IT Implementation for Community Hospitals

All too often, hospitals and vendors want to accelerate the implementation of a new EHR solution, hoping to capitalize on the latest benefits as soon as possible. But a rushed EHR implementation can quickly work against a facility by creating friction among the hospital staff.

To reduce the chances an implementation will cause disruptions to care and operations, MEDHOST strives to gain an intimate understanding of organizational needs, especially in a community-based setting. We make it a point to sit down with our customers and adjust our implementation methodologies to address these unique challenges.

Our approach includes:

  • A centralized implementation command center offering 24/7 support
  • Implementations led by individuals with role-based expertise
  • Adaptable, flexible, and agile methodologies

In this blog, we’ll unpack each of these strategies and show how they can help your facility to support modern care modalities without disrupting workflows.

Centralized Command

No one likes having a bunch of guys with visitor badges working out of a supply closet.

Our centralized implementation command center, operating around the clock, ensures smooth coordination and communication between internal and external stakeholders without the need for excessive onsite personnel. This approach minimizes end-user impact, tracks progress, and facilitates efficient issue resolution, keeping hospital operations running seamlessly.

Most importantly, a strong command center speeds the escalation of any issues that may arise, ensuring quick and effective resolutions.

Adaptation and Flexibility

Clear communication is essential in any healthcare technology implementation. When working with a hometown provider or a smaller hospital, it’s especially important to get a lay of the land, have those crucial conversations, and understand the challenges these facilities face before plugging in a new system.

During the pandemic, we demonstrated our agility and adaptability by adjusting our communication strategies to overcome limitations posed by in-person interactions and varying hospital quarantine policies. This flexibility allowed us to continue supporting implementations and patient care while ensuring everyone's safety.

Role-Based Expertise

In community-based hospitals, financial and clinical parties often have conflicting priorities that can impede progress. Our implementations experts, equipped with hands-on experience, foster collaboration and empathetically prioritize requests and deliverables. By providing 24/7 access to subject matter experts, we enable efficient change management and issue resolution, facilitating forward momentum without stepping on anyone’s toes.

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