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Tuesday September 27, 2022  |  Luke Marinac

Linking Technology, Processes, and People: The Digital Patient Experience

The rise of the digital patient, and the consumerization of healthcare technology, has ushered in an unprecedented era of new challenges and opportunities for providers.

While the future of the digital patient experience continues to evolve, one thing remains certain: adopting consumer-centric interoperability solutions will be crucial for health systems to maintain operational and financial success in the future.

Implementing a full-featured EHR is the first step in meeting digital-first patient expectations. With the right data in hand, health and wellness consumer engagement software can be used to connect hospitals with patients and communities in multiple ways.

Here's three areas providers can focus on:

Brand Recognition

You may have seen billboards along the interstate emblazoned with giant LED displays of the exact ER wait time at a local hospital. As healthcare markets continue to tighten, data has become more and more important to generating advertising campaigns that can help practices stand out.

The insights provided by an EHR can facilitate the deployment of targeted marketing, which drives business growth while reducing the costs associated with consumer engagement. Paired with suitable applications, this information can also help hospitals get to know their patients better through in-depth reporting.

YourCare Marketing

YourCare Marketing is an out-of-the-box digital marketing solution from MEDHOST that enhances and supports the entire healthcare marketing spectrum. By combining market and business intelligence with the compelling content and tools of the YourCare Everywhere® consumer engagement solution, we deliver both standard and customized campaigns that help support the work you do at the bedside.

Mobile Applications

In the exam room, or on the go, mobile applications let providers optimize workflows and maximize their time. Anywhere-access to patient histories, ePrescriptions, secure messaging, charts, notes and orders puts a global view of rounding workflows in the palm of their hand, creating the freedom to roam.

For patients, mobile applications place relevant content front and center, while wearable technology, such as smart watches, allows them to continuously share health information with their providers and keep track of condition management routines.

In the back office, user-friendly online billing, targeted messaging, and more accurate reporting help speed up the revenue cycle, increase business operations transparency, and create a more value-focused customer experience.

MEDHOST Mobile Solutions

The more mobile our world becomes, the more healthcare tools need to keep pace. MEDHOST provides a suite of mobile apps and online services designed to give physicians back their mobility and provide patients with the convenience they’ve come to expect.

Condition Management

Constant patient involvement is the key to educating populations on important health issues, facilitating ongoing treatment routine compliance, and enhancing the overall patient experience.

Mobility issues and limited access to healthcare professionals have, in the past, made treating chronic disorders cumbersome and ineffective. A digital support community helps to overcome these obstacles by pairing individuals with groups that correspond to their condition and a network of clinical professionals available to guide their care.

YourCare Management

The MEDHOST YourCare Management App’s real-time communication between patients and their clinical team helps to deliver sustained, personalized care for those struggling with chronic conditions. Key features include customizable reminders, access to support groups, continuing education, real-time monitoring, trending charts, and compliance alerts.

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