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Tuesday January 30, 2024

Mastering Patient Retention: 5 Strategies to Prevent Leakage

Patient leakage is pretty much what it sounds like—losing patients. Specifically, it’s when they move from in-network primary care physicians to out-of-network specialists or services, and it can significantly impact a hospital’s bottom line.

Streamlining scheduling processes is key to preventing leakage. Here, we’ll unpack the five most effective strategies and explore how MEDHOST is helping our partners keep exceptional patient outcomes in-house.

5 Key Strategies for Minimizing Patient Leakage

Enhanced Coordination Across Services

Establish a seamless coordination system that links primary care providers with in-network specialists and services. This facilitates easier referrals and appointments, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care within the same network.

MEDHOST offers solutions like YourCare Continuum® to help manage referrals effectively.

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling

Implement a user-friendly and efficient scheduling system. This may involve online booking platforms that allow patients to view available slots and book appointments with specialists within the network, reducing the likelihood of them seeking care elsewhere.

MEDHOST Patient Access Solutions provide the tools needed to streamline this process, enhancing patient retention.

Integrated Communication Systems

One patient, one record—that’s the idea. Utilize integrated communication tools to ensure all parties involved in patient care, including primary care providers, specialists, and patients, are kept informed about appointments, test results, and treatment plans.

MEDHOST Secure Communications offers a single platform for effective and universal information sharing, ensuring patients and providers are always connected.

Patient Education and Awareness

Educate patients about the benefits of receiving care within the network, such as coordinated treatment plans, shared medical records, and potentially lower costs.

Awareness campaigns can emphasize the convenience and quality of care available within the network. MEDHOST's range of Patient Engagement solutions can help effectively disseminate this information and involve patients more deeply in their care.

Regular Monitoring and Feedback

Continuously monitor the effectiveness of the scheduling system and seek feedback from both patients and healthcare providers. Use this feedback to make necessary adjustments to further reduce patient leakage.

MEDHOST's Healthcare Analytics Solutions can play a pivotal role in analyzing trends, patient feedback, and system performance to continually improve the scheduling process.

By focusing on these strategies, healthcare facilities can create a more cohesive and efficient healthcare experience for their patients, ensuring they receive the best possible care within their own network.

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