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MEDHOST Discusses Optimizing HCIT Configuration to Improve Care and Efficiency at NRHA

MEDHOST Discusses Optimizing Health Care Implementation NRHA EHR

The National Rural Health Association (NRHA)’s annual Critical Access Conference (CAH) is going virtual September 22-25 to adapt to the pandemic.

During these challenging times, the seamless operations of electronic healthcare records (EHRs) are even more critical to support the hectic workflow of healthcare facilities. As a result of the fast-paced nature of healthcare business operating in an industry slow to adopt technological advancements, EHRs that are not properly set up can create gaps in care. For example, the underutilization of the EHR and lack of proper training for the hospital’s end users could affect the adoption of it.  In fact, 20 percent of EHR system installations could be considered a failure. Fortunately, many of the challenges that can cause hiccups in the hospital’s operations can be prevented with the proper setup and implementation of the EHR.  

Brush up on best practices implementations during our industry insider webinar at this year’s CAH conference with Doug Allen, Senior Vice President of Implementation Services at MEDHOST. As HIT professional, Doug has extensive experience handling the set-up and implementation of a variety of IT infrastructures across a wide spectrum of healthcare facilities and clinics. A keen observer and listener, Doug and his team work together with providers behind-the-scenes, to orchestrate the least disruptive implementation for MEDHOST solutions, while avoiding interference of daily operations and ongoing patient care 

Tune in to the webinar Wednesday, September 23that 4:00 p.m. CST for more insider and expert advice on how to drive your implementation success. 

Check back here next week for our exclusive interview with President of NRHA, Pat Schou, as she discusses her role in NRHA’s initiatives during the pandemic and what to expect at the conference. 

For more information on how we can help, email us at or call 1.800.383.6278 to speak with a MEDHOST specialist. 

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