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MEDHOST Participates in NRHA’s Critical Access Hospital Conference

MEDHOST Participates NRHA Critical Access Hospital Conference EHR

The National Rural Health Association’s (NRHA) mission to advocate for the unique health issues of rural communities aligns with MEDHOST’s mission to serve the community hospital and has led to a long-standing partnership between our organizations.

MEDHOST recently sat down with Pat Schou, President of NRHA and Executive Director of the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN) to discuss current challenges facing the rural hospitals we collectively serve.

Watch here to get to know Pat Schou, learn how her background drives success in her newest role as president of NRHA, and hear her thoughts on the highlighted Best Practices webinar track during this year’s NRHA Critical Access Hospital Conference and the critical need for a Best Practice Implementation plan.

Watch here as Pat Schou highlights the importance of NRHA especially as the COVID19 pandemic continues to impact rural healthcare.

Watch here as Pat Schou addresses the need for ongoing investment in healthcare IT and amplified challenges necessary to meet regulatory requirements.

MEDHOST agrees that during these challenging times, the seamless operations of electronic healthcare records are even more critical to support the hectic workflow of healthcare facilities. More than 50 percent of all EHR systems either fail or fail to be properly utilized.1  Failure can be avoided by choosing a solution that meets your facility’s expectations and is delivered by a partner who understands the key to any healthcare IT project success is built on a solid implementation foundation.

Explore best practice implementations as Doug Allen, Senior Vice President of Implementation Services at MEDHOST, provides the framework for implementation best practices. Doug is a result-driven, operations executive with decades of software implementation services experience. Doug, and his team, work together with providers behind-the-scenes, to orchestrate the least disruptive implementation for MEDHOST solutions avoiding interference of daily operations and ongoing patient care.

Be sure to participate in the Best Practice Implementations webinar during the Best Practices Track at NRHA’s Critical Access Hospital Conference.  The session will be held on Wednesday, September 23 at 4 p.m. (CST). Email us at or call 1.800.383.6278 to learn more about how MEDHOST’s approach to comprehensive implementation services drives success.


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