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Microsoft Monkey Wrench

Microsoft Monkey Wrench EHR

On May 19, 2021, Microsoft threw a wrench into the previously orderly retirement of their flagship web browser IE11.

Internet Explorer has been a staple of PC technology since it was introduced with Windows 95. This exceptional longevity resulted in a wide range of software systems being tailored to its capabilities. However, even great software may not last forever.

The Move from IE11 to Edge

Microsoft had previously announced that it would end support for IE11, the current version, on October 14, 2025, with Microsoft Edge as its replacement. The new application retirement date is June 15, 2022.

If past history indicates anything, you can rest assured that on the June 15 of 2022, if you attempt to open IE11, you will be greeted by the Microsoft Edge UI in place of your Internet Explore window. This may be bad news for applications that are not Microsoft Edge compliant.

What this Means for MEDHOST Customers

As a result of Microsoft’s action to end IE11 support, MEDHOST is dedicated to the Microsoft Edge migration. Microsoft Edge will be MEDHOST’s single, certified browser solution across all MEDHOST applications in the future.

MEDHOST established a plan to move to Microsoft Edge more than a year ago but was gradually implementing the plan to ensure minimal customer disruption. Recent updates to Windows 10, which led to intermittent IE11 crashes, has forced some high-volume customers to start this migration early, most with minimal issues. We are now planning to accelerate our Microsoft Edge strategy in response to the Microsoft’s surprise.

MEDHOST is committed to a smooth accelerated transition, but that will require customers to upgrade to Enterprise 2021 R1 faster than they may have adopted prior releases. Upgrading to MEDHOST Enterprise version 2021 R1 as soon as possible will give your facility the most optimal path to success ensuring known IE11 performance issues are eliminated. Upgrading will also help mitigate any third-party compatibility issues that may arise with Microsoft Edge prior to Microsoft IE11’s end-of-support in June 2022. Our recommendation is to schedule this upgrade prior to the end of 2021 at the latest.

There is a concern that many third-party programs associated with our applications may not make the June deadline. As a service to our customers, we are proactively undertaking analysis to identify widely used applications that may become a problem. MEDHOST will continue regular communications on this issue as plans are finalized and more information is available.

If you have any questions about end of support for Microsoft IE11 and how it may impact you as a MEDHOST customer or how we can help, please reach out to you Account Executive.

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