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It’s All Relative: Clinician Adoption, Documentation and Charge Capture

Doctors are fed up with weak EHR systems and anemic technology complicates clinicians’ lives, handcuffs caregivers, and decreases professional satisfaction.

While a recent RAND Health report echoes physician faith in properly developed technology, it also says that most solutions are slow, hard to use, and give doctors less time with patients.

At the end of the day, the number of bells and whistles an EHR has doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether it’s intuitive and doesn’t impede care; otherwise, clinicians simply won’t want to use it. Much like how buildings need strong foundations, clinician adoption is the cornerstone to reaping your EHR’s full benefits and realizing desired bottom line and patient care improvements.

When there’s a lack of clinician adoption, clinical processes are affected because it leaves the door open for duplicate data entry and documentation errors. Coder bias, missed charges, and lower Evaluation & Management (E&M) levels are also common results, which means hospitals aren’t completely reimbursed for all of the care they provide.

So what is the secret to achieving high clinician adoption rates? When electronic health records fit normal workflows, clinicians are more likely to document care in real-time because the solution isn’t making their jobs harder. Engaging clinicians when evaluating EHRs is the key to ensuring the system matches their workflow.

You should also definitely seek a solution that automates the charge capture process. Behind-the-scenes charge capture translates documentation into E&M levels, procedures performed, and supplies used. With charge capture as a by-product of documentation, coding and billing don’t rely on intervention, subjectivity, and interpretation. As a result, you remove time-consuming, error-prone processes that strain personnel and financial resources.

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