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Wednesday February 3, 2016  |  Tom Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing at MEDHOST

Rural Healthcare Survival Important to Millions of Americans, Communities

Community hospitals are vital for a majority of Americans. There are more than 60 million Americans that rely on community hospitals. Yet, for care delivery, this is one of the most challenged segments of the U.S. healthcare system.*

For a number of reasons that include financial challenges and declining volumes, more than 66 rural hospitals have closed their doors since 2010 – 17 of these in 2015 alone. According to the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), nearly 700 are at risk for closure in the near future. If these hospitals end up shuttering their operations, nearly 12 million Americans are at risk in rural communities. Specifically, where hospitals are the center point of many communities for medical care and employment.

MEDHOST is proud to have joined the National Rural Health Association and is supporting its members as they seek answers to their challenges they are facing. Finding solutions to help these hospitals enhance management of their facilities. Moreover, engaging their communities with health initiatives and information is critical.

NRHA is committed to its members and even has several Congressional Action initiatives underway including support of the Save Rural Hospitals Act (#SaveRural Hospitals Act) to help strengthen rural and community hospitals. Along with its members and partners, like MEDHOST, NRHA is delivering the critical services and solutions. Especially, to keep America’s rural communities healthcare facilities open and robust. Please join us in applauding NRHA and its members for continuing to keep this at the forefront its mission.


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