Community hospitals have options with new solutions and engagement platforms to enhance care, better manage their facilities, and to maximize patient volumes and profitability. MEDHOST delivers integrated clinical, financial, and healthcare engagement solutions for community hospitals of all types and sizes.

In addition to offering solutions and services that help maximize any budget, MEDHOST offers hosting, patient, and consumer engagement support that complements the efforts of your internal staff, allowing you to focus on the primary reason of your existence –  providing excellent care.

As a National Rural Health Association partner, MEDHOST is committed to supporting the mission of rural health facilities and community hospitals to improve efficiency of health services and develop strategies for change.

High Standard Solutions for Widespread Efficiencies

MEDHOST solutions for community hospitals are developed with clinicians in mind, which fosters rapid clinical adoption and widespread efficiency. These solutions include MEDHOST’s enterprise inpatient electronic health record (EHR) and its suite of integrated clinical and financial solutions – MEDHOST clinical suite and MEDHOST’s Perioperative Information Management System (PIMS); and the company’s flagship Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) closely matches realistic physician workflows and processes in the respective departments.

Fully Integrated EHR

MEDHOST’s fully integrated Enterprise EHR offers Patient Tracking, CPOE, Nurse Charting, Physician Documentation, an administration and leadership utility called OpCenter and robust reports. MEDHOST EHR integrates with data repositories accessed by ambulatory departments and clinics, primary care provider systems and more.


MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) is a robust EHR for the ED. EDIS can help deliver fewer documentation errors, more revenue for hospitals, faster patient throughput and higher patient satisfaction scores. Designed by physicians and nurses, we’ve eliminated drop-down menus, unnecessary screens, confusing dialogue boxes and multiple key strokes that impede care and put patients at risk.

MEDHOST Business Services

With MEDHOST Business Services, you can improve financial performance by establishing process improvement and visibility into your Accounts Receivables.

Additionally, we offer full underpayment recovery as part of our Contract Management Services, on-demand access to a custom reporting engine through our Reporting Services, or customized statement service through our Patients Statements Processing,

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