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How to Successfully Manage Patient-Centered Care from Anywhere

How to Successfully Manage Patient-Centered Care from Anywhere EHR

As the healthcare marketplace evolves, focusing on improving patient experiences has become a top strategy for improving a hospital’s bottom line.

Keeping in step with healthcare’s fast pace and in adherence to patient-centered care, MEDHOST will be rolling out some important new features in 2020 to help optimize the patient experience and improve provider workflows in our patient portal, YourCare Community.

One of our top goals for the upcoming year is to help hospitals improve patient engagement and provide patients with better access to their healthcare information through self-service tools. By concentrating more energy on enhancing YourCare Community and our other patient engagement solutions we can:

  • Help hospitals create more meaningful connections with patients
  • Support hospitals while they transition to a new culture of healthcare consumerism
  • Connect physicians with easy-to-use care management resources
  • Help improve business operations by enabling amazing patient care experiences

About YourCare Community Patient Portal

Currently, YourCare Community enables healthcare providers to share health data with patients and also allows patients to perform some basic care management tasks. Some of the most useful functions include:

  • Access to basic patient health information
  • Connectivity to wearable activity and health tracker apps
  • Access to wellness and healthcare articles

In 2020, we will be expanding the YourCare Community patient portal to fulfill other patient and provider needs.

What’s Next in Patient Engagement for 2020?

Our goal is to give providers and consumers a single platform from which they can manage a variety of healthcare coordination tasks. Plans to create a more robust and convenient patient engagement solution will also involve the addition of several self-service functionalities into YourCare Community.

Planned self-services will include:

In addition to offering patients more self-service, hospitals will also be able to use the YourCare Marketing Services to improve patient engagement. On behalf of the hospital and through Marketing Services, MEDHOST can create and deliver professionally tailored patient communications like newsletters, event notifications, health check-up reminders, and other curated healthcare content.

With more self-service options and streamlined patient communications, hospitals can take strides towards developing stronger bonds with their community and increasing their overall visibility.

Improving Patient Experiences with YourCare Community

For MEDHOST customers who subscribe to YourCare Community but have not opted-in for the improved version, access to the new features will take some action. Customers who are not using YourCare Community, as well as those who choose to remain in the older version, will be missing out on several consumer-centric methods for improving patient experience.

If this is your first-time hearing about these exciting new features, now is the time to opt-in to the upgraded platform and begin infusing improved patient experiences into every service line. Turning a focus to patient needs—from a healthcare customer perspective—can illustrate just how much a hospital cares about the community it serves.

Stay tuned on the progress of these YourCare Community developments and more. For more information on MEDHOST patient engagement solutions, call 1.800.383.6278.

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