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EDIS Superior Implementation and Support

An Experience that Sets Your Team Up for Success

A healthcare IT system that helps the emergency department function more efficiently should start with an implementation that has minimal impact on day-to-day processes.

EDIS implementation and support - training with doctors


MEDHOST understands that providing optimal emergency care requires complete focus by the entire care team. Our implementation process allows the facility to maintain current workflows and also utilize best-practice workflows.

Rather than taking a standard, forced approach to implementation, each implementation considers the unique needs of each facility. Our collaborative approach follows along a proven process:

  • Extensive discovery meetings focused on data collection and subject matter interviews with key customer personnel
  • Customized system configuration and workflow optimization
  • Rounds of integrated testing
  • Comprehensive superuser training
  • Carefully executed and streamlined activation

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Why Implementation Matters

A strong implementation lays the foundation for the successful adoption of the EDIS solution. Our skilled teams follow a standardized methodology designed to minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and enable successful adoption of the solution. MEDHOST brings real-world experience to the deployment process, utilizing resources that have been former ED Directors, customer users, and subject matter experts that have been with our organization for an average tenure of 7.5 years.

Dedicated Account Managers and Superior Customer Support

No hospital is the same. Each has unique communities with unique needs in diverse settings. At MEDHOST, each facility receives dedicated, one-on-one account support and management. MEDHOST Customer Support follows the individualized approach to customer support, evolving with your needs as the industry changes. We constantly track and update key metrics to include:

  • First-day resolve rates
  • Customer satisfaction scores