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EDIS Security and Stability Focus

Managing the Complexities of the Emergency Department’s IT Environment

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Acting as an extension of your facility’s IT team, the MEDHOST team includes skilled HIT professionals focused on delivering a reliable, stable, and efficient cloud platform for your EDIS.

MEDHOST provides peace of mind by managing many complexities of the entire EDIS ecosystem and giving more time back to your facility so your IT staff can focus on supporting clinicians and enhancing quality patient care. Expansive financial and operational benefits include:

  • Enhanced application performance
  • Predictable IT expenses
  • Minimal maintenance downtime
  • Decades of healthcare IT experience at your disposal
  • Proactive and reliable healthcare data security

Additionally, the MEDHOST team of experts and the cloud platform provide an extra layer of security you need to more proactively manage your complex healthcare IT environment in an era of constant cybersecurity threats.

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