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Infographic 35 Years of Pushing Frontiers in Healthcare IT EHR

Infographic: 35 Years of Pushing Frontiers in Healthcare IT

For over three decades, MEDHOST has been helping light a pathway for continued improvements in the healthcare IT (HIT) sector.

Thank you to the hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country who have allowed us to help support them in keeping the population healthy. Through the development of new EHR technologies, as well as a full suite of innovative clinical and financial hospital solutions, we’re grateful for the opportunity to play a small role in our customers’ critical missions. With every service and solution, we have strived to help our customers improve patient experiences and operations so they can consistently deliver excellent care. Take a look at MEHOST’s evolution of HIT through the years:

35 Years of Pushing Frontiers in Healthcare_IT EHR

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Thank you to our employees and customers for their support! We look forward to the next 35 years and beyond!

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