Behavioral facilities have unique needs compared to other healthcare facilities. Recognizing this, MEDHOST provides a variety of unique revenue cycle and clinical solutions specific to behavioral facilities like:

  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Mental health service centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • General Hospital separate inpatient units
  • Outpatient or Day-Treatment mental facilities
  • And more!

MEDHOST offers a complete EHR, integrating clinical and financial solutions that enable multidisciplinary approaches to care across the entire hospital team, including:

  • Documentation
  • Treatment
  • Ordering
  • Reporting
  • Reconciliation
  • Medication administration

MEDHOST Behavioral Health Solutions Provide:

Integrated Financial Management

Capturing every dollar of patient revenue is critical to your hospital’s financial health – especially in the era of declining reimbursements. Whether it’s our complete Business Office Services, full underpayment recovery as part of our Contract Management Services, or customized statement services through Patient Statements Processing, MEDHOST can build a custom service offering to meet the specific needs of your hospital and community. MEDHOST also provides Corporate Reporting and MPI features to allow for side-by-side comparison and roll-up across multiple facilities.

Care Coordination

MEDHOST’s suite of services has the flexibility to accommodate in-patient and out-patient use cases and care settings. MEDHOST’s innovative solutions can facilitate transitions across provider settings and increase patient and caregiver engagement to not only reduce cost but also improve clinical outcomes. Patient charting allows a care team quick access to patient status, and our reporting features track and report on referral sources. Community Scheduling streamlines the appointment process, enabling nurses, care team, and patients, to immediately search availability, schedule, and confirm appointments.

Enhanced Patient Experience

As part of MEDHOST’s Patient Engagement Solution, the Wellness Dashboard and Community Scheduling solution enables healthcare providers to support patient-centered care, particularly during transitions from one care setting to another.