Take the confusion out of patient care coordination across providers and promote a timely and efficient patient experience with EHR integration.

MEDHOST Ambulatory Integration Services, helps healthcare facilities of all types and sizes:

  • Improve clinical workflow and satisfaction
  • Increase transparency of care with clinical data exchange
  • Prevent patient leakage
  • Transition to a single patient record

Ambulatory Integration Benefits

Implementation of MEDHOST’s integrated clinical solutions offers providers the support they need in their efforts to improve patient experiences with timely follow-up care in various settings. Seamless integration will help providers:

  • Improve physician visibility into order fulfillment and abnormalities
  • Automatically send lab/imaging orders from ambulatory settings to inpatient care facilities
  • Reduce need for manual data entry
  • Streamline ancillary workflows
  • Clinical Documentation Summaries

Build more visibility into patient clinical information across the entire care setting.

Related Resources

    A Consolidated View of Core Patient Information

    Longitudinal patient records from ambulatory settings are made easily accessible to acute patient users from within a centralized patient portal. This consolidated view of core patient information includes:

    • Lab results
    • Medications
    • Allergies
    • Problems
    • Procedures
    • Immunization
    • Vital signs
    • Family medical history
    • Care plan detail
    • And more

    Clinical Documentation Summaries

    Longitudinal patient records are also available through the MEDHOST Emergency Department System (EDIS) for easy access to patient encounter information in the ambulatory setting, as well as in MEDHOST’s EHR.

    MEDHOST Cloud Services

    By storing clinical documentation in the cloud, users can also automate the flow of clinical information from the acute setting to the ambulatory chart.

    Centralized Online Scheduling

    An added level of integration designed to support care coordination and your registration workflow, YourCare Continuum allows users to:

    • Run eligibility verification
    • Check medical necessities
    • Authorization management

    Ready to get fully integrated? For more information on how MEDHOST can help ease the pressures of care coordination across ambulatory settings and other EHR systems, talk to us.

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