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Video: The Origin of MEDHOST EDIS


One might wonder what kinds of lessons an Emergency Department (ED) Director could learn from the restaurant industry? The orgin story of MEDHOST’s Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) draws a perfect illustration of that unlikely healthcare-hospitality service parallel.

While there is much more at stake in an ED environment than your favorite eatery, the experiences that define success for restaurants and emergency rooms are quite similar. It is no stretch to think of patients as diners and tables as beds, and the main course your ED is serving up should be an optimal emergency care experience.

The idea of providing patients with the best level of care, by giving emergency staff a high-level view of their department workflow, is a core foundation our EDIS platform was built upon. In emergency situations, maximizing throughput by giving your staff the support and visibility they need to do their jobs must be top priorities. Registrars need to know how many beds are available, patients need to be seen in a timely matter, clinicians need to be able to quickly and accurately assess conditions and assign proper treatments. MEDHOST EDIS helps your ED staff do all that and more.

In the following video, MEDHOST's Director of Clinical Sales Solutions discusses our EDIS’ unique origins and how its intuitive user interface and expansive functionality support your ED mission.

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Most of the time, you’re unlikely to experience an emergency when eating out.

Table for your party not immediately open? Not an emergency.

However, the same technology our partnering Emergency Departments use to make sure patients are treated quickly and accurately has its origins in a tool originally designed to turn tables and manage food orders.

Back in the early 90’s, at the onset of the dot com boom, while out to dinner a doctor took note of a tool called ProHost that waitstaff were using to manage tables, track orders, and guide the dining experience.

It was then a thought occurred to him—a bit ahead of the consumer-driven healthcare trend—that turning beds in an emergency room is bit like turning tables in restaurant, just with a lot more at stake.

The doctor thought to himself: how great would it be for healthcare professionals to have access to the same kinds of hands-on tools? Having such visibility into the patient journey would be invaluable, even more so in an ER where nurses are typically managing 3 to 4 patients at a time.

Emergency Personnel would have the ability to see where and when patients were in each stage of the care process, what treatments were and needed to be done -- all easily accessible from one central hub.

The doctor shared his revelation with the restaurant software developers, and a few years later, MEDHOST EDIS was born.

With the similar capabilities still used in restaurants today, MEDHOST EDIS was tuned to the needs of ER workflows, including touch screen functionalities for quick updates and customizable ER layouts.

MEDHOST EDIS helps emergency rooms treat patients with speed and accuracy so people can get back to the finer things in life…

…Like heading out to their favorite eatery.

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