White Paper: The Key to Implementation Using the MEDHOST Method

Installing a new hospital charting system or enhancing an emergency department workflow with smarter tech isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. Before things even get started there are numerous variables that need to be addressed to help ensure:

• Systems meet hospital expectations and fulfill end goals

• Transitions have minimal impact on day-to-day operations

• Staff fully comprehends system capabilities to maximize use

Most of these issues can be resolved upfront, before a system ever goes live, with a thorough implementations process. Only a meticulous team, one that understands the many complexities of adopting new information technology and the impact it has on hospital staff, as well as those under their care, should manage this complex process.

In this white paper, we will take a closer look at the MEDHOST Method to show what a successful implementation looks like.

The Key to Implementation Using the MEDHOST Method thumbnail

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