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Condition Management Resource Center

A successful condition management solution can help improve patient outcomes, increase revenues, and empower hospitals to connect with their communities.

We have provided several resources discussing the importance of condition management and how implementing a digital solution can assist providers in managing chronically ill patients through remote intervention and real-time communication between patients, coaches, and support groups.

MEDHOST Case Study: Ace Medical Group Pilots Condition Management App for Diabetes Patients

Three health coaches from ACE Medical Group and 13 patients or their caregivers participated in a program that enabled them to manage their diabetes together using the Condition Management app.

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MEDHOST Podcast: Improving patient care through communication with YCE director of product strategy, Michelle Cartier

Director of Product Strategy, Michelle Cartier, discusses how leveraging a digital solution enables patients with, or at risk for diabetes better manage their condition.

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MEDHOST Podcast: Providing long-distance care with Ace Medical Group's Dr. Sandeep Grewal

Dr. Sandeep Grewal, Physician at Ace Medical Group, shares the importance of remote healthcare reporting as it relates to precautionary care, healthcare costs, and much more.

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MEDHOST Blog: A Grand Problem of Readmissions of Chronically Ill Patients

One of the biggest challenges for providers is having enough time with patients to effectively educate them on their disease and how to manage it at the point of diagnosis, either in an in-patient or an ambulatory setting.

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MEDHOST Brochure: Condition Management Solution

Condition Management was created to assist providers in better managing their chronically ill population.

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MEDHOST Podcast: Building condition management communities with YCE senior product manager, Gina Williams

Senior Product Manager, Gina Williams, discusses the connection between support groups and condition management, and just how far encouragement can go for someone living with a chronic condition.

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MEDHOST Podcast: Tailoring condition management for everyday use with Ace Medical Group's Sonia Rondeau

Sonia Rondeau, Research Intern and Project Manager at Ace Medical Group, discusses how tailoring the Condition Management program for individuals day-to-day use helped patients make lifestyle changes through managing their diabetes.

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