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Tuesday June 20, 2023

A Prescription for Success: Unified Medication Therapy

While the pharmacy is often figuratively and literally separated from the rest of the hospital, it’s still susceptible to the same economic pressures.

Kaufman Hall recently reported that hospitals faced significant declines in their margins in 2022, attributed to rising labor costs. In order to mitigate losses, many hospitals have started cutting staff.

While layoffs may be unavoidable, hospital leadership ought to prioritize addressing the overall functionality of medication management systems if they want to avoid the longtail costs associated with an increased workload for their remaining pharmacy staff.

One place to start is the lack of integration between patient charts, worklists, and order verification systems. This disjointed approach, often caused by manual or outdated systems, not only consumes valuable time but also increases the risk of errors and delays.

In this blog post, we will explore what pharmacists need to address these challenges and how the forthcoming MEDHOST Pharmacy Experience can offer a transformative solution.

Efficient Order Management

Managing medication orders can be a complex process, especially when the process isn’t digitized, or information is entered inefficiently. With MEDHOST Pharmacy Experience, pharmacists will be able to unclutter the order verification process through intelligent worklists that prioritize orders based on factors such as order time and medication urgency (stat, now, scheduled, or PRN).

Pharmacists can also look forward to quickly locating unverified orders and filtering based on specific nursing stations, enabling efficient workload distribution. What's more, our pharmacy solution uses the same order entry application used by physicians and other clinicians, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across care teams.

Streamlined Workflows

MEDHOST Pharmacy Experience will bring patient-centric care to the forefront by streamlining workflows and consolidating essential information on a single screen.

Pharmacists can easily access comprehensive patient data, including clinical notes, labs, vital signs, home medications, discharge medications, and medication administrations, all within one intuitive workflow. This eliminates the need to log into multiple applications, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of information gaps.

Additionally, MEDHOST Pharmacy Experience enables pharmacists to view and print reports without leaving their workflow. This seamless integration enhances efficiency and allows pharmacists to make informed decisions while verifying or reviewing medication orders.

MEDHOST Pharmacy Experience

By integrating patient charts, worklists, and order verification into a single, intuitive application, MEDHOST will empower pharmacists to streamline workflows, prioritize unverified orders, and enhance overall efficiency in medication therapy.

To learn more about how we’re working to streamline pharmacy operations, contact us at or dial 1.800.383.6278.

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