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MEDHOST Support Groups

MEDHOST Support Groups App provides a more effective approach to supporting patients with similar chronic conditions such as heart disease, weight loss, pulmonary issues, or cancer.

MEDHOST Support Groups can reduce costs while providing almost continuous delivery of advice and emotional support to groups of patients in similar situations. For those patients who would not seek face-to-face support or for those may who have mobility issues and can’t participate with in-person support, MEDHOST Support Groups provides convenience within a community setting via an online app.

Support Groups are designed to be fully supported and moderated by a coach, thereby creating clear lines of communication between patients and clinicians.

Key features of Support Groups include:

  • A private, safe, online community for patients to interact with one another 24 hours a day, every day
  • A HIPPA-compliant vehicle where patients can communicate and exchange information with like individuals and an experienced coach
  • The ability for patients to share their daily moods with the group to enable encouragement among patients
  • An anonymous, if desired by the patient, a way for participants to share goals, struggles, and encouragement within an online group setting
  • Peer support for learning new habits that promote behavior change and improved patient outcomes