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Tuesday August 22, 2023

Enhancing Care Coordination: Bridging the Gap Between Metropolitan and Community Hospitals

Metropolitan hospitals usually enjoy an extensive network of clinics and facilities with integrated health information exchange; in contrast, community hospitals - owning certain clinical practices and forming affiliations with others - must cobble together ad hoc networks of care.

This mix of affiliation and ownership results in a patchwork of interconnected technology platforms that don't necessarily talk with one another and can be costly to replace or upgrade.

Fragmented systems and lack of communication between these entities often lead to delays and missteps in patient care. In this blog, we'll tackle how providers can implement digital communication tools to improve coordination between clinics and hospitals while maintaining existing technology investments and controlling costs.

How Digital Care Coordination is Solving the Rural Disconnect

Web-based scheduling and referral solutions have shown promising results in streamlining scheduling processes, reducing the burden on hospital staff, and boosting patient satisfaction. Digitally managed testing and procedures can also enhance patient referrals, making them easier, faster, and more convenient, thereby retaining revenue within the hospital.

Digital care coordination solutions offer several benefits, such as bridging gaps between clinics and hospitals, affordability, and ease of implementation, leading to immediate returns on investment. These solutions enable better care coordination by tracking scheduling requests, simplifying front-end functions, and capturing patient visits immediately.

The Value of Improved Connectivity

Hospitals stand to lose up to 20 percent of revenue due to gaps or inefficiencies in their referral processes. Improving care coordination reduces operational inefficiencies and enhances the overall quality of care provided, benefiting healthcare organizations and patients alike.

For instance, web-based applications enable providers to improve care coordination by tracking scheduling requests and simplifying front-end functions like pre-authorizations, medical necessity, and appropriate use criteria (AUC).

Best of all, electronic solutions are affordable and straightforward to implement, resulting in immediate returns on operating dollars.

MEDHOST YourCare Continuum

YourCare Continuum is an all-in-one platform that works with existing technology investments to unify communities of care where it's needed most.

The platform works by streamlining the order referral process for patients and providers, increasing visibility, and eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth. It automatically identifies elements that require verification and transfers order referrals, reducing manual efforts.

To explore how MEDHOST's digital care coordination solutions can benefit your facility, contact us at or call 1.800.383.6278.

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