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How to Take Your Hospital Operations to the Next Level

How to Take Hospital Operations to the Next Level EHR

"Scalpel, please."

In the operating room, the Surgical Technologist is responsible for handing instruments and supplies to surgeons and their assistants. Remove theses allied health professionals and care would still proceed, but probably not at the desired rate of effectiveness and level of accuracy.

When it comes to meeting business goals, hospitals can’t afford to put themselves in vulnerable positions by operating with one hand tied behind their backs.

A New Era in Healthcare Brings New Operational Challenges

As consumer demand for healthcare experiences that better align with their busy lives grows, some hospitals—especially those in rural areas—are finding themselves stretched thin. The current healthcare workforce issues impacting hospitals nationwide exasperates the problem.

An inability to meet the challenge of rising consumer demand coupled with scarcities in the healthcare workforce can create a chain-effect of inefficiency across the entire hospital—from care delivery to business operations. Imagine removing essential personnel from the operating room or asking an informaticist to manage healthcare data with a paper-based system. Trying to do more with less will often have negative repercussions for any business.

Managing consumerism in healthcare and battling clinical workforce shortages are issues that will take possibly years to solve. However, there are more opportune ways hospitals can provide their staff with an extra set of hands and remain sustainable. For struggling providers or those looking for a competitive advantage, MEDHOST has a group of offerings aimed at helping mitigate the effects of issues like personnel shortages and rising consumer demands.

How MEDHOST Managed Services Helps Hospitals Succeed

These three Managed Services are designed to help hospitals meet their goals by accelerating and enhancing operations with next-level healthcare IT (HIT) support, application management, and educational opportunities.

MEDHOST Managed Services are broken into three different areas: Premier Services, Toolkit Administration, and Empower Training.

Premier Services

Premier Services provide an enhancement of MEDHOST’s current industry-leading HIT customer support by offering end-to-end proactive engagement. Hospitals who opt for this service receive priority in the call queue, full-service release management, and proactive system/application monitoring.

With enhanced HIT support services, IT teams can spend less time waiting for resolutions, wrangling updates, analyzing performance, and more time focusing on core duties.

Toolkit Administration

When a hospital needs to make a customized change to its Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), that change often requires custom coding. In many cases this entry is performed by a hospital’s informaticist or a designated EDIS “Super-User.”

Toolkit Administration shifts the responsibility of custom EDIS changes like charting, registration, and orders functionalities over to MEDHOST’s team of experienced clinicians. This tailored solution that can also help informatics personnel uncover actionable data, which can be used to support hospital goals.

Empower Training

Made up of 30 customizable courses that are broken into three different packages, these MEDHOST University offerings help setup end-users for continued success managing MEDHOST clinical and financial tools.

Each HIT training course is led by experienced instructors with real-world hospital experience. Classes can take place onsite at the hospital or they can be delivered remotely. Offerings are customizable to provide the utmost flexibility. Empower Training is a proactive a way for hospitals to champion continuing HIT education and help keep staff performing at peak levels.

Is your hospital ready for an extra set of hands?

To learn more about each of these Managed Services and how they can help hospital teams function at full capacity to meet the demands of a modern healthcare market, contact us at 1.800.383.6278.


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