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A Secret Recipe for Business Office Services

Thanksgiving morning a daughter watched closely as her mother prepared the traditional family ham. After applying a sugary glaze, the mom cut off one inch at each end of the ham and tossed the scraps to the dog. She then set the ham in a roasting pan and placed it in the oven.

The young girl asked her mother, “Mom? Why did you cut off the ends?”

Her mother replied that she wasn’t sure, that was just the way her mom had always prepared the ham. Turns out that back then, grandmother never had a pan big enough to fit the entire ham, so she cut off the ends to make do.

Now imagine those ends are part of a delectable patient billing experience. How much quality service is sacrificed by trying to run a modern healthcare business office with outdated practices? Why print confusing statements and spend hours stuffing them into envelopes when there are cost-effective solutions designed to help providers trim waste, not quality of service?

If hospitals are being limited by “traditional” business office recipes, what else may be suffering?

The “Grandma’s Ham” story shows that simply asking why something has been done a certain way—rather than just accepting it—reveals that there can be more effective alternatives to the execution of a task.

Feast on an Efficient Business Office Workflow

The secret to a smooth financial experience for business office staff and hospital customers is right under your nose! Our accounts receivable chefs have perfected a recipe for maximizing a hospital's accounting and billing operations, especially during the busy holiday season. Serve your hospital a heaping spoonful of the following ingredients to get the most nutritious value from your business office workflow.

Ingredients for Delectable Patient Statements and Online Bill Pay Solutions

Statement Processing

For over a decade, MEDHOST has offered statement processing services that help hospital staff save time and reduce errors on the backend of the revenue cycle management process. A seemingly minor portion of the billing cycle, statements are often the source of many customer problems and hospital staff headaches. A patient statement riddled with confusing information is a massive inconvenience for discharged patients. If a hospital’s customers can’t understand their bill, an unhappy phone call is likely to follow, which takes time away from business office staff. Statement confusion can often result in more time lost reworking bills, which in turn, delays hospital payment.

From the start, statement processing services can help save staff time by taking on the tedium of printing, stuffing, and mailing envelopes. MEDHOST can also customize statements for healthcare organizations with branding unique to the provider. These customized statements can also include tailored messaging for a touch of personalization.

Processing is just the first ingredient. A heaping helping of digitization can help improve statement accuracy.

Electronic Statement Processing

Now more than ever patients expect the healthcare billing experience to match their everyday consumer experience. Part of delivering a consumer-focused financial experience means taking the hospital patient payment process online.

Built into MEDHOST Statement Processing Services is an electronic option that includes features like automatic posting, e-bills, and online bill pay. In addition to convenience, offering hospital customers access to online billing options can allow business offices to:

  • Schedule payments
  • Expand customization and personalization of statements
  • Offer online payment discounts
  • Offer payment options via websites
  • Expedite the payment process
  • Send electronic payment notifications

Check please! Most importantly, e-statements and electronic bill pay can help speed healthcare collections, take pressure off hospital billing staff, and provide customers with more financial flexibility.

Patient Accounting Communications

To top off this perfectly portioned serving of healthcare business offices services, MEDHOST can also help create customized patient accounting communications like:

  • Non-payment notices
  • Bill payment reminders
  • And other types of patient accounting notifications

Sweeten Your Old Business Office Services Recipe

Outsourcing statement tasks and offering features like online payments are simple ingredients to a recipe sure to help satisfy healthcare providers and their patients’ appetite for efficiency.

Start indulging in a better way to manage your business office and stop sacrificing key parts of the hospital billing and accounting workflow. Consistently serve up a better tasting recipe for patient billing success, satisfy customers, save resources, and get faster returns with MEDHOST Business Services.

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