The patient matters most to you. It’s our job to help make it easier for you to provide excellent patient-centered care, safeguarded by EHR security that adheres to your unique workflows.

Reliable Integrations for Improved Performance

MEDHOST Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  Integrate with all ambulatory system vendors to ensure seamless and secure reporting and referral order services, from exchanging medical summaries and referrals to remote processing for laboratory and radiology results. 

MEDHOST’s Clinical Gateway and YourCare Continuum

– Connect your hospital, providers, and patients simplifying communication and services requests across their healthcare community. 

MEDHOST Managed Integration Services

– Cloud-based interfacing with third-party transmissions makes sharing data between providers easier and supports true coordinated care. Facilities can transmit data from hospitals to: 

  • State, regional, and private health information exchanges (HIEs)
  • Clinical, lab, and radiology facilities
  • State agencies

MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System

– Expanded integrations and plug your ER workflows in with your EHR, integrating with the MEDHOST Enterprise EHR and other EHRs.

MEDHOST Hosted and Managed Services

– Cybercrime poses a constant threat to the healthcare environment. EHR security issues can damage reputation, create added expenses, and most importantly put patient safety at risk. 

Our team of experts can provide the extra layer of cybersecurity you need to ward off EHR security breaches and proactively manage your complex healthcare IT environment. By taking the pressure of cybersecurity off your internal teams, our hosted and managed environment provides enhanced security and gives your team more bandwidth to support internal needs.