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Infographic: Proactive MEDHOST® Education with Empower Training™

In 2018, the healthcare worker turnover rate reached a decade-long peak at 19.1 percent according to Nursing Solutions, Inc’s (NSI) 2019 National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report.

The study claims that healthcare organizations (HCOs) are hoping this trend will have reversed by the end of 2019, but that is yet to be seen.

According to the NSI study, when healthcare organizations lose staff, on average, it can cost those facilities $60,000 per employee in recruitment and operational expenses. The impact turnover has on an organization’s bottom line can vary depending on skill level, but ancillary costs like training new employees can still weigh heavy.

For example, training a new physician or business manager usually necessitates an introduction to new clinical or financial tools. If additional training needs catch a facility unprepared, it can claim vital resources that may have been needed elsewhere. Hospitals using MEDHOST’s suite of healthcare solutions can get ahead of turnover training costs by investing in Empower Training Packages for their staff.

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MEDHOST University’s Empower Training Packages are designed to provide key hospital staff with the in-depth knowledge they need to maximize training time and get new personnel on board faster. An investment in MEDHOST training puts the super in “Super User” by empowering essential staff with the skills they need to respond to unexpected turnover with greater agility.

For more information about Empower Training Packages and the complete catalog, visit our website. Current MEDHOST customers who want to learn more about our Empower Training Packages can also contact their Account Executive for more information.

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