Data, Condition Management, and Exchange Capabilities Fuel the Transformation to Continuous Care

That’s the theory behind MEDHOST’s cloud-based solution for driving health and wellness in your community.

Moving from episodic care to population health management requires a new, data-centric approach. At MEDHOST, we know data alone can’t transform healthcare. However, relevant and actionable data leveraged through service offerings can enhance decision-making to empower providers to better meet the needs of patients, caregivers and communities.

Our EHR features rich clinical and financial solutions that help hospitals provide care beyond the four walls of the hospital, engaging consumers and patients. Leveraging patient and consumer data, condition management outreach and population trends to help you better understand your community and patient base.


YourCareCommunity Scheduling

Community Scheduling is a tool that enables nurses, schedulers, and patients to immediately search availability, schedule, and confirm appointments with providers.

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Integration Services

Integration Services removes the burden and expense of managing numerous data feeds from the IT department while also making adding new connections quick and easy.

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YCE Condition Management

Changing the behavior of patients is a long-standing challenge. YCE Condition Management connects patients and providers outside of the office – facilitating two-way communication and supporting long-term behavior change.

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Patient and Provider Portals

Patient portal provides patients with access to personal health information through a Meaningful Use certified web application and mobile app. The provider portal allows clinicians to view patient lists and securely message patients.

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