MEDHOST post-acute care solutions are designed to reduce risk, enhance patient care by supporting a multi-disciplinary approach, and help facilities more tightly manage complex contracts so they capture all the revenue they deserve.

Benefits of our post-acute care solutions include:

  • Aggregated assessments from across the care spectrum that support easily-digestible, multi-disciplinary care plans
  • Automated data flows from intake throughout the registration processes that reduce the risk of errors from duplicate data entry
  • Contract management services that help long-term care providers effectively manage carve-outs and other matters to optimize revenue capture
  • Streamlined intake that captures payer and demographic information without generating medical record numbers prior to the admit decision
  • Template capabilities with customizable documentation at the user-level

Additionally, several post-acute care patients encounter multiple care settings and require ongoing communication. As part of MEDHOST’s consumer engagement solution, the wellness dashboard and scheduling solution enables healthcare providers to support patient-centered care, particularly during transitions from one care setting to another. MEDHOST’s innovative solutions can facilitate transitions across provider settings and increase patient and caregiver engagement to not only reduce cost but also improve clinical outcomes.