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Tuesday December 19, 2023

40 years of Community: A Retrospective

With New Year’s Day—and our 40th anniversary— just around the corner, it feels both timely and appropriate to reflect on how we got here.

In this post, we will revisit the pivotal events that have transformed us into a national ally in community health.

From Humble Beginnings to Healthcare Pioneers

The year was 1984, a time when neon colors were in vogue, synthesizers had helped Van Halen “Jump” to the top of the charts, and the world of technology was on the brink of a revolution. Tech giants were yet to rise, and innovation was emerging from garages rather than corporate boardrooms.

MEDHOST started as a small company at a kitchen table with the mission of providing financial and accounting solutions to community hospitals. Using desktop computers like the System/34 and System/36, we automated critical processes to meet the growing demand for advanced capabilities among these providers.

As time went on, the business grew, and soon came to be known as Healthcare Management Systems, or simply HMS, offering a flagship product called Monitor. One year after Monitor’s release, HMS landed its first hospital. A year later, the first multi-facility corporate client.

Leading the Future of Community Healthcare

The needs of community hospitals fundamentally changed with the passage of the HITECH act, which required these providers to have a full bevy of clinical applications, and that doctors use these applications. A decade later, HMS acquired MEDHOST, a Texas-based emergency department information system (EDIS) provider.

Under the unified MEDHOST banner, the company embarked on a journey to revamp its applications, prioritizing industry-leading, user-centric interfaces. The company also invested heavily in services to help customers use these new products, including support, implementation, and cloud hosting.

In the years that followed, MEDHOST ascended to prominence in the healthcare IT sector, and remains a trusted partner in community healthcare nationwide.

Click here to watch a video that showcases MEDHOST's commitment to innovation and its role as a dedicated partner in community healthcare.

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