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Tuesday July 25, 2023

Building a Digital Support Ecosystem for Chronic Health Conditions

Managing chronic conditions remains a stubborn challenge for both providers and patients.

According to the National Council on Aging, a staggering 85 percent of older adults suffer from at least one chronic disease, and managing these conditions accounts for a substantial 95 percent of healthcare costs for older Americans. Among these chronic conditions, diabetes remains the most pervasive and devastating. The costs of this disease, for both patients and providers, has likewise achieved outsized proportions. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) reports that the cost of diagnosed diabetes reached a staggering $327 billion in 2017, marking a significant 26 percent increase from previous estimates.

The Patient-Provider Divide

The primary struggle for healthcare providers lies in engaging chronically ill patients in their day-to-day health management. This can be especially difficult among rural populations, where care access is limited, and routine checkups might be complicated for those suffering from debilitating conditions.

One promising approach to bridge the patient-provider divide is the integration of mobile health technology. Leveraging mobile condition management tools can seamlessly integrate into patients' daily lives and offer numerous engagement opportunities for healthcare providers.

In this blog, we’ll explore how, by encouraging patients to incorporate condition management into their lives, these mobile solutions have the potential to revolutionize healthcare practices.

Effectiveness of Mobile Condition Management

To demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile diabetes management, we conducted a program involving three health coaches and 13 patients or caregivers. Together, they collaborated to manage diabetes using the YourCare Management solution. Additionally, patients and caregivers could connect with other diabetes patients through the MEDHOST Mobility Support Group app.

Health coaches assigned tasks and goals to patients through the MEDHOST YourCare Management solution, and patients and caregivers logged data daily using the MEDHOST Mobility YourCare Everywhere app. The app used notifications to remind patients of pending tasks, and the dashboard alerted health coaches to readings outside the normal range. Physicians could then intervene in real-time, make necessary adjustments, and offer wellness plan support.

Implementing a Digital Support Ecosystem

By integrating mobile technologies that promote healthy lifestyles and facilitate condition management, patients became more active participants in their care. Real-time data and communication tools enable stronger connections between patients and providers, ultimately striving to achieve goals such as improved medication adherence, reduced hospital readmissions, and an enhanced quality of life.

Furthermore, the program demonstrated that newer technologies effectively engage both older and younger generations, proving that age is not a barrier to embracing these advancements.

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