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Tuesday June 15, 2021  |  Doug Allen, Senior Vice President, Implementations at MEDHOST

Optimizing Rural and Community Hospital IT Implementations During Times of Uncertainty

Optimizing Rural and Community Hospital IT Implementations During Times of Uncertainty EHR

Just as businesses around the world were required to make necessary changes to keep staff safe while combating COVID-19 exposure threats, hospitals in every care setting were required to adopt new ways of conducting business while continuing to provide quality patient care to those they serve.

These policy and procedure changes, along with staff exhaustion, brought significant challenges to the country’s community-based hospitals when the need to address EHR implementation projects emerged.

To reduce the chances an implementation will cause disruptions to care and operations, MEDHOST has always strived to gain an intimate understanding of our customer’s unique needs at every turn, especially in the community-based setting. We partner with our customers to adjust our implementations methodologies to specifically match those needs and reduce disruptions—particularly when external factors bring unexpected challenges.

Minimizing Implementation Disruptions in Rural and Community Hospitals

The healthcare service restrictions precipitated by the pandemic created a massive interruption to care, especially in rural America.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 450 rural healthcare facilities are now operating in the red and at risk of closing states a new report from The Chartis Group. Community-based care facilities in these regions cannot afford disruptions to care no matter how big or small.

Throughout a busy cycle, and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, MEDHOST has been able to mitigate HIT implementation disruptions through:

  • A centralized implementation control center offering 24/7 support access
  • Implementations led by individuals with role-based, hands-on expertise
  • Adaptable, flexible, and agile implementations and development methodologies

Centralized Control

A successful, unintrusive implementation requires a strong brain center that monitors and controls all aspects of the activation process, coordinating communication and deliverables between internal and external parties. At MEDHOST we call this our implementations command center.

The implementations command center is essential as a way to:

  • Limit end-user impact when issues present
  • Reduce the number of support personnel needed onsite and/or in critical patient care areas
  • Track, report, and trend activity, further optimizing the process
  • Coordinate support needs and escalations

Most importantly, a strong command center speeds escalation of any issues that arise to the correct support structures. Expedited escalation also promotes quick and effective resolutions so hospital operations can continue to flow smoothly.

Adaptation and Flexibility

Clear communication is vital throughout an implementation of any healthcare technology. That aptitude and the ability to adapt was tested when the pandemic made in-person events and interactions challenging. Those problems multiply when varying hospital quarantine polices call for varying methods of adaptation.

One way that MEDHOST is able to navigate these issues is a constant commitment to agility supported by communication layered in a way that prevents delays, improves processes, and drives success. During the pandemic this adaptability has helped support the continuity of both implementations and care, while keeping everyone safe.

Role-Based Expertise

Financial and clinical parties may have differing priorities. Often, in a community-based hospital setting, competing views can slow implementations to a crawl. Implementations experts with hands-on experience can help promote collaboration in an empathetic way that successfully prioritizes opposing requests and deliverables.

Through 24/7 access to subject matter expertise all parties can efficiently manage change, resolve issues, and keep things moving forward in a productive manner.

MEDHOST Implementations in a Pandemic

The pandemic caused start-stops for many hospitals. Such external factors are part of delivering care and are often beyond most people’s control. As a trusted healthcare IT vendor, MEDHOST recognizes that implementations are one area we can control with the proper approach, adaptability, and expertise.

Many of our customers are small rural and community hospitals who cannot afford major disruptions to care – pandemic or not. To this extent, throughout the pandemic MEDHOST executed a number of successful healthcare IT implementations in a very short period of time, maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating.

To learn more about how MEDHOST implementations is designed to reduce disruptions and support the unique needs of are critical rural and community providers, please contact us at or call 1.800.383.6278.

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