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Gaining a Competitive Edge With Quality HIT Customer Support

Gaining a Competitive Edge with Quality HIT Customer Support EHR

In many cases a hospital’s staff may only be as effective as the healthcare information technology (HIT) they use to perform their jobs.

With consumer technology, HIT performance is closely tied to the quality of customer support it receives.

Think about the last time you interacted with a customer support representative. What was your experience like? Was there room for improvement? Were you satisfied with the end result?

Not all support is created equal and as the healthcare industry continues to recognize the value and impact of superior support, it will have less patience for mediocre customer support. How can a hospital gain a competitive advantage through HIT support differentiation? Is it possible that opting for a better grade of HIT support could positively impact a hospitals ability to deliver care?

How HIT Customer Support Creates a Competitive Advantage

Consider that HIT investments in the U.S. reached an all-time high in 2018, totaling an incredible $8.6 billion. For context, U.S. HIT investment in 2013 totaled $2.8 billion. As hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes continue to invest billions in HIT, they expect to receive an ROI befitting their substantial investments.

A survey by Black Book Research took this idea one step further, revealing that sub-par tech support can not only hinder care delivery outcomes, but it can also reduce employee and physician satisfaction.

Of the 4,446 survey respondents, 85 percent said that “patient care delivery services are continually impacted by unsatisfactory EHR support.”

Meanwhile, 89 percent of physicians said their hospital IT loyalty was, “influenced by excellent EHR end user experience enabled through advanced tech support.” Additionally, 70 of the 82 chief medical officers surveyed by Black Book agreed that in the future, multi-level tech support would be critical in judging competitive differentiation for an inpatient EHR platform.

In an interview with EHR Intelligence, Black Book’s Managing Partner, Doug Brown, noted that negative experiences with a vendor’s tech support could fail to inspire long-term consumer loyalty.

“Healthcare IT initiatives of any size or scope require strong user tech support,” Brown said. “Clearly, providers must leverage their IT investment to achieve intensifying clinical goals while gaining a competitive advantage to keep patients and physicians loyally coming back to your organization.”

The survey highlights a significant shift taking place across the healthcare marketplace, one where lackluster or one-size-fits-all customer support won’t be accepted.

The Benefits of Dedicated HIT Support

As exceptional support continues to emerge as a competitive differentiator, hospitals and healthcare facilities must be proactive about partnering with vendors who understand the profound impact of customer support. If customers want to see an ROI that includes an improved customer experience, they can’t afford to not invest wisely.

MEDHOST puts customers first through our robust and uniquely designed customer support solutions. Pioneering a better and more personal approach in the EHR industry, our customers receive great service that includes the following:

  • A team of highly experienced experts, including interface experts, clinical analysts, financial specialists, and high-tech certified professionals
  • Internal staff, never outsourced
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

With an 82 percent first-day resolve rate and a 96 percent customer satisfaction score, MEDHOST delivers exceptional support to more than 1,000 healthcare facilities nationwide. We hold our customer support teams to a high standard so our partners can spend more time concentrating on their core healthcare responsibilities.

Learn more about MEDHOST’s unparalleled customer support team and the resolution processes that make a difference in our customers’ experience every day.

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