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Top 10 Healthcare IT Topics of 2019

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The end of the year presents a welcome opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from the past year.

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are also reflecting on what they can do to face the new healthcare challenges of 2020 head on, with a renewed sense of confidence.

Our review of 2019’s most popular posts may provide some helpful insights into where HCOs should focus their efforts. With a head start on the new year’s most critical issues, hospitals can be better positioned to deliver superb care. Let’s take a look back on some of 2019’s most popular blog posts. Here are the stories you found most interesting in 2019:

Top 10 Healthcare IT Posts of 2019:

1. Leveraging EHR Technology to Fight the Opioid Crisis

The role of electronic health records in battling prescription opioid abuse continues to be a main focal point for hospitals as providers discuss new strategies for 2020.

2. Infographic: A Roadmap to Saving a Community Hospital

Find out where community hospitals get their strength.

3. How 5 Physician Documentation Methods Compare to Facilitate Safer Care

Which clinical documentation method do you think has the best scores? It is an important issue to consider when connecting the dots between poor documentation tools, physician burnout, and patient safety.

4. Confront Physician Burnout With Streamlined Technology

Access to more intuitive and effective healthcare IT technologies is an essential step to reducing physician burnout, an ongoing public health crisis.

5. Leaving Your Badge at the Door to Improve Health Data Exchanges: Part 2

Jitin Asnaani, the Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance reveals his thoughts on healthcare interoperability. Get started with Part 1.

6. Integrating Smarter Financial Solutions for Multi-Facilities

Slow payments continue to cause problems for hospitals, but providers are also finding that new revenue cycle management solutions can knock down many barriers to financial success.

7. Infographic: ED Backlog: Trends, Causes, and Solutions

In a department that sees over a hundred million patients a year, accurately tracking metrics for emergency visits can be one of the best ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

8. Infographic: MEDHOST Today

A bird’s eye view of how MEDHOST’s integrated solutions help community hospitals consistently provide high-quality care and financial sustainability.

9. The Dawn of a Rural Healthcare Renaissance

Based on current trends and deep-rooted experience, Alan Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of National Rural Health Association offers a vision for rural healthcare in America.

10. Infographic: 35 Years of Pushing Frontiers in Healthcare IT

Thanks to the hospitals who’ve given us their trust for over three-decades of continued healthcare IT innovation.  Here’s to making more history together!

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