Top Read Posts of 2017

2017 is in the books. As we look forward to what the new year has in store, we took a glimpse back at what we’ve published and what you liked best to read. 

Here are our top read stories from 2017:
  1. MEDHOST EDIS Case Study: Benefits of an Emergency Department-Specific Solution
    Following the implementation of MEDHOST’s EDIS solutions, Mt. San Rafael Hospital saw a return on their initial technology investment and increased patient engagement.
  2. Growing Adoption and Demand for Mobile Health Technology and Its Potential for Improving Population Health
    The explosive growth in adoption of mobile health technology provides an unprecedented opportunity for hospitals to connect with consumers and extend their reach into the community.
  3. Rural Hospital Closures: HIT Can Help

    There are several ways rural hospitals can improve their financial performance and keep the doors open. The National Rural Health Association advises members and other rural hospitals to take the following steps.
  4. Taking Charge of Your Emergency Department
    In most hospitals, the emergency department (ED) is the first stop for patients seeking care. But as volumes of patients and associated costs continue to rise, EDs are grappling with the same goals,
  5. Top 5 Security Concerns for Your Healthcare Environment

    As cyber attacks become more sophisticated and increasingly focused on healthcare, security concerns are growing among hospital systems and healthcare organizations.
  6. Big Data and Electronic Medical Records
    The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) projected that investments in physician order communications, comprehensive charting, and other IT modernization will improve individual patient outcomes, reduce medical error risk, slow healthcare spending, and produce other benefits.
  7. Surgery Departments Using Data to Improve Safety, Quality, Efficiency, and Utilization
    Understanding how to streamline scheduling and use data to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction will set your surgery department for success.
  8. Best Practices for Healthcare Information Security
    If your information isn’t secure or your employees aren’t in the practice of analyzing emails before they click suspicious links, your organization (as well as patient care data) could be at risk.
  9. Big Patient Data and How Doctors Will Cope With It
    For now, little has changed for doctors other than technical presentation and method of documentation. Especially, when it comes to their personal access to and use of patient medical data.
  10. Meaningful Use Stage 3 Coordination of Care
    Starting in 2018, Meaningful Use Stage 3 will especially require new measures for VDT activity, secure messaging, and self-generated health device data.

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