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Content Copyrights and Trademarks

Legal Content

Legal content should be written under the discretion of The General Counsel at MEDHOST and must be approved before publishing.

First Instance Use

The first time any of these are used in the body copy of an asset, they must be followed by the proper legal trademark. Following uses don’t need to include the trademark TM or Registered Mark.

  • MEDHOST Business Services™
  • MEDHOST Cloud Services, Inc.™
  • MEDHOST Direct®
  • MEDHOST Managed Integration Services™
  • YourCare®
  • YourCare Community®
  • YourCare Everywhere®
  • YourCare Continuum®
  • YourCare Interact®
  • YourCare Marketing™
  • YourCare Management™

Use of the name MEDHOST in front of product names in the first instance on a web page. Examples:

  • MEDHOST Physician Experience
  • MEDHOST Enterprise EHR
  • MEDHOST Document Management System (MEDHOST DMS)
  • MEDHOST Patient Care Documentation
  • MEDHOST Revenue Cycle Services

As long as we use the name MEDHOST with the name in at least one place on the website page or in the article (preferably one of the more prominent placements), we can use the product or service name without MEDHOST before it, for example: Physician Experience, EDIS, etc.

Rev. date 11/4/2021