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Content Email Campaigns

  • Word count: 100-150


  • Establish Audience: CEO, CFO, CIO, CISO, End-User, etc.


More relaxed and informal; informative; relatable; a partner providing value tips.

  • Tips:
    • Long complex sentences should be avoided. Simple and straightforward sentences should be used.
    • Subject Line best practices
      • Keep the email subject line short.
      • Make it interesting while including the most important takeaway.
      • Refer to the urgency if it is relevant like “Today”, “Soon”.
      • Ask questions to intrigue in the subjectline.
      • Sell a desired feature or benefit through the subjectline.
      • Personalize if possible
    • CTAs – keep them short and descriptive, two words if possible (i.e. Download Now, Read More, Watch Now, etc.).

Image Headers

  • Blogs – Use header from blog post.
  • Infographic – Use thumbnail or a part of the infographic image.
  • Everything else: Header and CTA on the standard image with blue overlay.
  • Operational email should have blue MEDHOST header.
  • Regular campaigns should have a regular MEDHOST campaign header.
  • Specialized email campaigns like major trade shows may have a specifically designed header.

Rev. date 06/10/2020