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Imagery Video & Animation

Video is one of the most engaging channels of communication that we utilize to extend our brand.

The primary function of external videos is to explain our products, their functionality, and how they solve our customers’ problems. The primary function of internal videos is to communicate important messages and celebrate milestones within our company. Music should be used in all videos, and should have an upbeat, corporate feel.

When using video on social media, always upload the native file to ensure it will automatically play and give the best brand experience.

Common Elements

These are elements that you will generally find in all of our videos. 

The lower thirds are most used to display small amounts of copy related to the scene being displayed.

The two bumpers are primarily used at the end of our videos to connect and enhance our brand experience.

Lower-thirds alpha animation
Wistia video player
MEDHOST blue for player elements #003ca6

Player elements to include: play bar, Closed Captioning, volume control, settings, window expand

Animated alpha transitions
MEDHOST animated logo bumper


Live action videos are primaily used for industry topics, product explainers, or customer testimonial videos. Iconography, copy, imagery, and b-roll are used intentionally to support the primary message(s) of the video.

MEDHOST blue and white linear icons over solid background
Whitney type in white over solid background
Lower-third left aligned
White linear illustration over blurred live-action footage
Topic intro transition
Lower-third right aligned


3D animation is only used for demo and explainer videos. This style uses primarily monochromatic blue brand colors for background elements, using other brand colors for primary elements in the videos. 3D animation should not appear in any other asset types.

3D characters

3D scenery