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Content Voice and Tone

Our Voice

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Relatable and gracious
  • Informal
  • Supportive and encouraging
  • Intelligent
  • Accessible
  • Warm and friendly
  • Respectful

Our copy is

  • Clear and concise
  • Devoid of unnecessary fluff
  • A conversation with intelligent people
  • Genuine and supportive


We are conversational and natural so that we are seen as a trusted friend that they have known for years. Keep in mind the sensitivity of our audience and never come across as patronizing. We will write with empathy and wit, but never undermine their challenges.

Our Content Portrays MEDHOST as:

  • Experts, but not patronizing
  • Friendly and approachable, but not goofy
  • Intelligent and witty, but respectful
  • Reliable, trustworthy
  • Supportive, but always remembering that they are the real heroes
  • Detail-oriented and prepared
  • A storyteller—based on facts, but not overly dramatic
  • A long-term partner