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Content Press Releases and Media Responses

Press releases should be written in a standard format with the following guidelines:

  • MEDHOST name as the press release owner should be clearly defined.
  • If MEDHOST is releasing the press release, ensure that the header text begins with MEDHOST name.
    • Example: MEDHOST Solutions To Be Implemented At <Company Name> NOT <Company Name> to Implement MEDHOST Solutions Across Facilities
  • Publicly traded company press release need approvals sent to Newswire directly from the organization ( (CC:
  • On rare occasions, newswire will ask to fill out a legal authorization form from MEDHOST.
  • Release date should be clearly stated.
  • Header and subheader should be used to tell readers about the content of the release.
  • The first paragraph should be used to summarize the most important points of the release.
  • Use images and links as needed.
  • Choose geographical locations of the release wisely to enhance impact.
  • The MEDHOST media contact should be stated at the end of the press release.
  • Standard boilerplate language should be included at the end.
  • If we mention another organization, we should provide their boilerplate language too following MEDHOST boilerplate if available but it is not necessary.
  • The press release should be ideally between 200-300 words.
  • To see examples of past press release, click here.
  • No press releases are to be released prior to Legal and Executive approval.

Rev. date 04/20/2020