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Imagery Photography

Photography is a cornerstone in the MEDHOST brand. The majority of our collateral has at least one large image, if not many. The three primary types if imagery that we use are people, facilities, and technology.

*Do not use images from an internet search. Not only must we adhere to size and resolution requirements, we must also have the rights to use a photo. If a photo is used without proper rights, you could be placing our company in a place with legal ramifications.


People are who we serve, and who our customers serve. Our customers and employees are busy people and should be actively engaged in the photos used.  Photos should not be used with people looking directly into the camera.

Photos used in print should be 300 dpi at full size and photos used on the screen should be 72 dpi at full size.

Occasssionally, we will utilize custom photography. Otherwise, we use stock photography websites, such as Getty. Contact marketing for use.


Healthcare facilities are the places where our cutsomers work.  Where appropriate, photos of facilities may be used in our collateral and publications.


Technology is the tool we provide for our customers to serve with.

For the most part, these types of images will be background images, which often will be used with a color overlay. Occassionally these photo can be the primary subject.