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General Style Guidelines

Other Accounts/Sources

  • We always do our best to reference another account (when appropriate or available) in any message we share. The account must be an active account.
  • When possible, reference the account mid-message as opposed to the end.
  • Use Images where relevant. Images for MEDHOST resources should be the same as those used on the resource page on It gives a clear indication to the reader that they are at the right place.

Network Specific Guidelines


  • Keep the teaser to a maximum of 2 lines (~37 words) to avoid a “read more” link.
  • Always Use imagery for posts if possible.
    • Images for MEDHOST resources should be the same used on the resource page on
  • Use a shortened link for the url if there is no image.


  • Avoid using more than 3 mentions in a single post.
  • Include at least one hashtag per post if possible.
  • Avoid using 3+ hashtags in a single post.


  • Use line breaks for paragraphs.
  • Delete the text URL from your post if displaying the link preview.
  • For a post where you don’t want to have an image, use a shortened link for the url.


  • Give videos descriptive names to support SEO.
  • Always include video description.
  • Always include relevant hyperlinks back to

Content Specific Guidelines

  • All teasers for videos should include “Watch Now”.
  • All teasers of podcasts should include “Listen Now”.
  • All teasers of webinars should include “Register Now”.
  • All teasers to the infographic should have either a part of the infographic or a thumbnail.
  • The standard press release image should be used to promote all press releases.


  • All avatars should be the same MEDHOST “M”.
  • Cover images can vary.
    • LinkedIn - Professional tone
    • Twitter - Professional tone
    • Facebook - Timely and fun but not silly


If used at the end of the teaser, hashtags should be capitalized, capitalizing each word if applicable.
Example: Zombie attacks, data vampires, nefarious phishing plots, ruthless ransomware. The costs of a breach in your #EHR are frightfully real. Read this blog, if you dare!  #NCSAM #CyberAttack.

If used in the sentence, it does not need to be capitalized.
Example: Join our #webinar next Thursday, 11/8 at 2 p.m. CST with @ruralhealth as we discuss trends and challenges in revenue cycle management.

Use all-caps if it’s an acronym.
Example: #EHR #HIMSS


Accessible writing makes your content easier for everyone to consume. MEDHOST content should be written with accessibility in mind.

Write Plainly

  • Ensure that content is easy understand and not too complicated.
  • Use short sentences and around 20-25 words at most.
  • Don’t use complicated words if simple words can be used instead.
  • Use contractions.
  • Use a simple and consistent heading structure helping the reader to jump directly to specific content.
  • Screen readers do not identify font styles including the following:
    • Underline
    • Strikethrough
    • Color
    • Bold
    • Italics

These should be used to provide visual breaks not the singular way to indicate importance. When you want to give a strong visual cue, use an accessible alternative like an exclamation mark at the end of your sentence. Don’t use font styles alone to indicate importance.


  • Use images and icons purposefully.
  • Text the images. Alt text (alternative text) is a word or a short phrase that can be inserted as an attribute in an HTML document to tell website visitors the nature or contents of an image providing a clear description.


  • In general, links must be descriptive and should describe what the user can expect to find when they click it. This is also crucial for screen readers. Avoid using generic phrases such as "click here" or "see more." It is better to be descriptive of the intended end result like “Watch the Video” or “Read the Case Study”.
  • Web addresses or URLs should be made the text descriptive of the contents of the page.


  • Videos should be captioned if possible.

Rev. date 06/10/2020