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General Style Guidelines

Other Accounts/Sources

  • We always do our best to reference another account (when appropriate or available) in any message we share. The account must be an active account.
  • When possible, reference the account mid-message as opposed to the end.
  • Use Images where relevant. Images for MEDHOST resources should be the same as those used on the resource page on It gives a clear indication to the reader that they are at the right place.

Network Specific Guidelines


  • Keep the teaser to a maximum of 2 lines (~37 words) to avoid a “read more” link.
  • Always Use imagery for posts if possible.
    • Images for MEDHOST resources should be the same used on the resource page on
  • Use a shortened link for the url if there is no image.


  • Avoid using more than 3 mentions in a single post.
  • Include at least one hashtag per post if possible.
  • Avoid using 3+ hashtags in a single post.


  • Use line breaks for paragraphs.
  • Delete the text URL from your post if displaying the link preview.
  • For a post where you don’t want to have an image, use a shortened link for the url.


  • Give videos descriptive names to support SEO.
  • Always include video description.
  • Always include relevant hyperlinks back to

Content Specific Guidelines

  • All teasers for videos should include “Watch Now”.
  • All teasers of podcasts should include “Listen Now”.
  • All teasers of webinars should include “Register Now”.
  • All teasers to the infographic should have either a part of the infographic or a thumbnail.
  • The standard press release image should be used to promote all press releases.


  • All avatars should be the same MEDHOST “M”.
  • Cover images can vary.
    • LinkedIn - Professional tone
    • Twitter - Professional tone
    • Facebook - Timely and fun but not silly


If used at the end of the teaser, hashtags should be capitalized, capitalizing each word if applicable.
Example: Zombie attacks, data vampires, nefarious phishing plots, ruthless ransomware. The costs of a breach in your #EHR are frightfully real. Read this blog, if you dare!  #NCSAM #CyberAttack.

If used in the sentence, it does not need to be capitalized.
Example: Join our #webinar next Thursday, 11/8 at 2 p.m. CST with @ruralhealth as we discuss trends and challenges in revenue cycle management.

Use all-caps if it’s an acronym.
Example: #EHR #HIMSS


Rev. date 11/12/2021