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Content Writing Guidelines and Goals

Inspire and Educate

Our audience is a dynamic group of people who face challenges every day in an ever-changing healthcare environment, while striving to provide great care and being profitable at the same time. Our goal is to guide them, to the best of our ability, by educating them about the solutions that solve for these challenges. Remember that you’re the expert and readers don’t have access to everything you know.

Lead with Respect

We greatly respect our audience and the work they do, so we aim to treat them with respect by being considerate of their time and the challenges that they face. When writing to our customers and audience, avoid downplaying these challenges, but keep in mind their resilience to overcome these challenges. Our audience takes pride in the role that they play in the communities they serve.

Be a True Partner

Pay attention to what they might want to hear or read about. Ask yourself if the content will be helpful to them. Stay away from buzzwords/jargon as much as possible.

Present Facts

Our audience reads our content because they respect our integrity. We focus on our strengths and how we solve real problems for them based on facts, not theatrical storytelling and unverified claims.

Validate External Information

Make sure to validate third party information by linking to resources. This will add to the level of trust.

Be Appropriate and Sensitive

Be conscientious of your audience’s feelings. Write in a way that is befitting the situation with the right tones. Vary or tailor words that might mean different things in different situations to your audience, consider different ethnic, geographical, and religious groups.

Write positively

We prefer to use positive language rather than negative language. Avoid using negative words like “can’t,” “don’t,” etc.

“To achieve interoperability, invest in the right technology” NOT “You can’t achieve interoperability unless you invest in technology.”

Rev. date 04/17/2020