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Content Preferred Spellings and Phrases

The MEDHOST tagline is "Your Dedicated Partner in Community Healthcare"  and should be used anywhere where a tagline is needed.

The following are common words within our industry that frequently have multiple spellings. Use this format when using these words:

  • healthcare (not health-care or health care)
  • white paper (not whitepaper)
  • case study (not Executive Brief)
  • point of care
    • Hyphenate as an adjective: point-of-care device.
    • Do not hyphenate when it stands alone: Provided at the point of care.
  • road map (not roadmap)
  • cybersecurity
  • cyberattack
  • cyber criminal
  • cyber crime
  • Bitcoin (Uppercase, not lowercase)
  • email (no hyphen)
  • End-to-end
  • Built-in
  • Trouble-free
  • Pre-registration
  • internet (lowercase in a sentence, but capitalize at the beginning of a sentence)
  • Website is lower case. For example: “Please visit our website for more information.”
  • Payer (not Payor)
  • Workflow (not work flow or work-flow)
  • Cross-platform
  • Avoid Using MEDHOST’s,  as possessive other than when it is necessary.
  • Lower case customer other than the beginning of the sentence.
  • When referring to MEDHOST Associates, always capitalize and don’t refer to them as employees.
  • MEDHOST Support, MEDHOST Education, Account Executives, Product Managers are always capitalized.
  • Healthcare IT (HIT), use HIT alone on second instance.
  • Information Technology (IT) on first instance unless there is concern about word count.
  • Emergency department (ED) not just ED on the first instance, ED can be used after the first instance.
  • Use providers when referring to whole hospital or the facility and refer to as physicians when talking about the doctors.
  • Use clinicians to describe physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacist, and physician assistants as a whole subset.
  • Healthcare consumers (not customers)

Rev. date 11/4/2021